About Us

“…to help people just like us to overcome struggles, to create balance and find purpose, to find joy in living each day, to break free from repetitive cycles, and to live a life of abundance.”

Our Team

Melaney Flaniken

Melaney Flaniken, MS is recognized as a leader in the mind-body connection. Her background in clinical mental health counseling, nearly two decades as a massage and bodywork instructor, education in herbalism and natural medicine, and experience in kundalini yoga make her a powerful force for changing lives. She believes that the skilled application of synergistic therapies increases awareness, corrects negative patterns, and helps individuals to ascend to their full potential, elevating life to joyful balance.

Jeremy Chaddick

Jeremy Chaddick was introduced to a melting pot of cultures and healing modalities from a very young age. He always knew he was destined to help people in one way or another, and through massage therapy, he is able to help relieve stress and reduce pain. He has been a professional, Licensed Massage Therapist for over 11 years.

Daniel C. Johnson is a seasoned change work and self-actualization coach. He is dedicated to helping individuals unleash their full potential and achieve profound personal transformation. With 13 years of experience in the field, he has developed a unique and effective approach to guiding clients through the process of change, growth, and self-discovery.

Daniel’s work has been featured on NPR “All Things Considered,” PBS, Cowboys and Indians Magazine, and dozens of TV, print, and online news sources over the years. After watching his father lose a battle with mental health and die by suicide, Dan is driven by a deep passion for empowering others for healing and achievement. He is committed to supporting individuals in breaking through limiting beliefs, overcoming obstacles, and embracing their true, authentic selves.

With his compassionate and non-judgmental nature, he creates a safe and nurturing space where clients can explore their inner landscape and gain clarity on their goals and aspirations. As a change coach, Dan utilizes a variety of techniques and methodologies to facilitate lasting achievement. He draws upon modalities such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), mindfulness practices, and positive psychology, guiding clients in rewiring their thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors to align with their desired outcomes. Through targeted coaching sessions and practical tools, Dan empowers individuals to cultivate self-awareness, enhance their emotional intelligence, and develop resilience in the face of challenges.

In Memory


In 2016, Melaney Flaniken and Deanna St. John founded Ascension Wellness Center, to provide the community access to a variety of healing modalities. Although Deanna is no longer with us physically, her memory lives on in the hearts of those she helped. She is still a vital part of the energy here at Ascension, and we all strive to serve our clients with the same loving heart that Deanna embodied.