We live in a world of constant stimulation. On any given day we are bombarded with cell phones, email, facebook, twitter, traffic, billboards, television, (bad) news, not to mention most of us have calendars packed full of events requiring our attention. All of these stimulate our central nervous system and can activate a stress response in our body. Stress creates a cascade of chemical reactions in the body releasing substances such as epinephrine and cortisol. Prolonged stress causes damage to the body systems and results in decreased immune function, sluggish digestion and is the cause of many diseases of both body and mind.

The problem is clear, so what are people doing about it? More importantly what are you doing about it? Self care is the answer; we must balance the stress in our lives with its natural opposite, relaxation. Relaxation shouldn’t just be that 2 weeks a year when you’re on vacation lounging in a hammock reading your favorite book and sipping a margarita, it needs to be a way of life. What we do for ourselves today effects our tomorrow and all of the tomorrows to come.

Some of the most popular self care strategies include; massage, yoga, deliberate breathing, meditation, exercise, healthy eating, aromatherapy, energy work, zero gravity floatation, reading, writing, gardening, drawing, painting, biking, and hiking just to name a few. All of these methods assist in fighting disease and increase feelings of peace and lead to a well rounded and healthy lifestyle.

It is my intention to explore each of the above methods in greater detail and create awareness about the importance of self care. We can’t escape the stresses of life but we certainly do not have to succumb to their ill effects. Peace and happiness is our birthright let us explore its cultivation together!

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